Gmail for POP3 and SMTP (From Cpanel email to Gmail)

Gmail for POP3 and SMTP (From Cpanel email to Gmail)

December 19, 2018 1 By Nurul Ausah

Need login to your hosting email everytime. You wish that the hosting email can be view, reply and fully use in Gmail. Set your email in Gmail with a few easy steps. Firstly Login to your gmail account.


1. Go to Setting tab.
Find Gmail Settings tab at right side of your gmail account.

Gmail settings
Figure 1 : Gmail settings tab

2. Accounts and Import
Go to Accounts and Import tab after have enter the settings section.

Figure 2 : Accounts and Important

3. Go to Add Account
Click the Add a mail account (figure 3) and a pop-up (figure 4) will come out. Enter the email address that you would like to include in the Gmail account and click Next.

Figure 3 : Add a mail account
Figure 4 : A Pop-up

4. POP3
Choose the “Import emails from my other account (POP3)” and click Next.

Figure 5 : Add POP 3

5. Email Settings
Enter the mail settings for your email. Username use your email address, password use the password same as the email you want to add. Make sure you tick the box as Figure 6. For POP Server and Port number you can find it in your cPanel mail address. (Figure 7 & 8). Click Add Account when Finish.

Figure 6 : Email settings
Figure 7 : Configure Mail Client
Figure 8 : POP Server and Port Number

6. Mail Account Added
If you want to sent email from Gmail account but using the email address you add, you click the Yes button and click Next. (Figure 8). Enter the information as required on the next tab (Figure 9) and click next. Use password & username for the mail address that you added on step 5.

Figure 8 : Mail Account has been Added
Figure 9 : Information

7. Confirm
A code number for confirmation send to your mail address that you added. Enter the code.

Figure 10 : Confirm

If you follow the steps correctly your account successfully added to your Gmail account, View figure 11.

Figure 11 : Successfully

Wait for our next post to view on what you can do it with the added email in Gmail.