Types of Interview

Types of Interview

December 26, 2018 0 By Prasana Mathyalagan

It must be mind blowing when you need to study for different types of interview. Prepare are better than unprepare. There are many types of interviews to interview the candidates. In the interview process, the types of interview will come under the interaction of two parties. However these types of interview will make both parties to interact and exchange all the information they need.

Structured Interview
Typically the questions will an from earlier prepared questions form else the questions won’t be deferred. Each and everyone will be asked the same question. Commonly, the interviewer wants to ask questions and want the answer from you. It’s a formal way.

Unstructured Interview
Typically used variety dufferent questions to each and every candidates. They want the candidate talked more. Most popular question is ‘Tell me about yourself.’ Interviewers will listen / hear more from you. Less formal way.

Stress Interview
If you apply a work that will put you in a stressfull environment, this type of interview might be applied to you. This style is used primarily by interviewers for sales or stockbroker positions.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Behavioral Interview
This method used to identify the past behavior and performance of the candidate. Therefore, behavioral interview are designed to probe your previous experience in order to determine how you might behave in the similar situations in the company.

Problem Solving Interview
Most commonly everyone knows this type of interview, the interviewer gives some situation and let the interviewee solve the problem to check the interviewee capabilities and abilities.

Panel Interview
The candidates might be interviewed by few people at once. You will fell intimidate by this kind of interview, don’t be nervous try to calm yourself and keep your posture to score on your interview.

Good luck for your interview. Prepare for your interview well.