Build your first WordPress Page

Build your first WordPress Page

January 29, 2019 2 By Nurul Ausah

Previously, we already explain how to install WordPress from cPanel. WordPress already provides several free themes for the users to use. Some of the themes come with Page Builder for free such as Elemantor, Beaver, SiteOrigin and more. This Page Builder will give more your heart more ease.

Go to WordPress Dashboard

Upon successful WordPress installation, you will directed to the success message with the Administrative URL refer Figure 1. If you click on the link, you will directed to the WordPress Dashboard (Figure 2).

Figure 1 : Successful Message
Figure 2 : WordPress Dashboard

Choose Themes

In choosing the theme for your website, you can go to Appearance>Themes>Add New (Figure 3). After click Add New you will get a list of free themes that you can use (Figure 4). Please note that different themes might be use different ways to edit it.

Figure 3 : Add New Themes
Figure 4 : Themes in WordPress

Install & Activate Themes

Choose the theme that you want to use. Before install the theme, you can preview the theme. After the installation of the theme finished, you can activated the theme to start using it on your site refer figure 5.

Figure 5 : Installed Theme

Customize Theme

To customize the theme, you can customize it through the customize section where you can find at Appearance>Customize refer Figure 6. The customize section you can customize your website colour, website widgets, homepage settings and more (Figure 7).

Figure 6 : Appearance>Customize
Figure 7 : Customize Panel

This is the basic you need to know in order to design your first WordPress site. Wait for our next post on How to customize the menu are and widgets.