How to set up a WordPress site?

How to set up a WordPress site?

January 29, 2019 0 By Nurul Ausah

WordPress is an open source software that allows users to create beautiful websites or blogs. The most important is, it is a Free software with Content Management System (CMS), free web templates and even with free plugins that can become an added value to the WordPress site.

You can create your own website by using the WordPress. If you feel it is hard for you to do so, you can hire a freelancer that can create and design your website with an affordable price.

Steps to create a WordPress site

cPanel Login

Login to your cPanel account to get started on creating your WordPress site (refer figure 1). You can get the cPanel from the Web Hosting provider.

Figure 1 : cPanel Login

Softaculous Apps Installer

Go to the Softaculous Apps Installer section in your cPanel account. Click on the WordPress Apps to install it (view figure 2). You will directed to WordPress Install section.

Figure 2 : Softaculous Apps Installer

Install Wordpress

Install your WordPress by clicking on the ‘Install Now’ button (Figure 3). After clicking on it you will be directed to the setup section as in figure 4. Fill up all the required info in the setup section and click Install.

Figure 3 : Install Now
Figure 4 : Setup Section

If you successfully install the WordPress, you will get a Link to directed to the WordPress dashboard where you can edit your site. Wait for our next post on how to edit your site using WordPress.