Human Resource Mangement

Human Resource Mangement

January 30, 2019 0 By Prasana Mathyalagan

In order to apply a job in any organization you will need pass their HR first. Human Resource Management or HR Department is predominantly for employees’ supervise their organization. HR is all about employees managing the organization and maintaining company’s principled.

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Human Resource Department

There are several matters that come under the HR department that you need to know as an HR Manager or HR Executive. All of these subjects always help the HR department in managing the organization good reputation and more.

Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Behaviour affected on the job performance, job satisfaction, promoting and encourage leadership. They are the bridge between the Good Company and the employee. Organizational behaviour is the need of studying the People’s behaviour, while in HR is the need of studying the Employee’s behaviour.

Performance Appraisal

They will monitor employee’s performance, rating performance and improve performance. They will guide the employees to perform much better. Employees performance are very crucial to all organization. The company environment will affect the employees’ performance also. A toxic company will affect the employees badly and will lead to company failure.


HR Department also will be responsible for employees’ salary. They are responsible to do the calculation and upright and contributions with the employees’ salaries.

Safety & Health

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HR Department also responsible in ensuring the safety and healthy work environment. This matter is really import to the heavy industries such as engineering, electrical and more. This sectors have high risk in getting injured, so maintaining a safe and healthy work environment are really crucial.

Training & Development

Training & development will staff have a better atmosphere while working. Train and develop staff skills and knowledge can increase the staff performance. By training them in a team, can increase their level of team work.

Recruitment & Selection

They also responsible in recruiting and selecting the right candidates for the jobs and the company. They need to screen all the applicants that are suitable for the company and also need to interview the candidates to get know them more better.