Why Performance Appraisal

Why Performance Appraisal

January 31, 2019 0 By Prasana Mathyalagan

Performance Appraisal is to evaluate an employee’s task and ability that they give to the organization. If the evaluation shows a negative opinion towards the employee, the management needs to come up with a solution. To improve the employee performance the solution is needed ,so that they will do better on their task. Employees performance is an important asset to the company which will determine the company’s future. Their performance is a good meaning to the company so that they will get more influential.

Keep tracking with the performance appraisal for employees makes them more responsibility and getting more professional on their position or task. There are many Performance Appraisal Form checklist that available on online that can be use by the employee as reference.

HR Responsibilities

  1. Recruiting  – They are responsible in choosing the right candidate for the right position.
  2. Training & Development – Training and developing the employees to be effective to the company/organization is one of the investments that should be made by the employer.
  3. Attendance – Managing staff attendance, leave, time-out and off duty permission is part of HR responsibility.
  4. Payments – Payment of the salary for the employee is managed by the HR. The payment can be any way such as salary, contribution, advance, loan and so on.
  5. Appraisal – Evaluate employee’s performance.