Customize Menu in WordPress

Customize Menu in WordPress

September 24, 2019 0 By Nurul Ausah

Previously we already explained on How to Build your First WordPress Page. Now we will extend this tutorial to customize the menu bar on your website. A Menu bar is really important for each website, as it will help your user to navigate within your site easily. In order to do so, you will need to access your WordPress Dashboard.

  1. Login in to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Navigate to the sidebar and choose “Appearance” and click on “Menu”(Figure 1).
    Appearance > Menu

    Figure 1: Menu Sidebar
  3. You can add menu by using Pages, Posts, Custom Links, Categories or Tags
  4. For Posts, Pages, Categories and Tags, you can click on the item click on “Add to Menu”
  5. You can move the menu up and down as you wish (can check the video below)
Tutorial To Add New Menu

That all, hope our simple explanation will reach you. If there any problems or you need more explanation, feel free to drop in the comment section below. Chaw….