Account Deletion Email From Us?

We have received several reports that some of our users received an email of their email account deletion for several different reasons that seem legit and true. Here we want to clarify that, we won’t delete any our customers account unless requested by the customers or the services already expired that customers out of reached or do not wish to continue their service.

We will show you two example of an email that reported by our user and also landed in our inbox account.

  1. Email Storage Full
    One of our users received this email in their mailbox. This type of email is a phishing email through a link that will direct you to other webpage and possibly coded with malicious code.

    Again, we would remind all that we won’t block any customer account without customer approvement. If you check the name below, we will not use this name in order to contact our customers.

    Do not reply to the email as you will return back by failure email. Just delete the email from your inbox and trash bin.
  2. Pending Account Deletion
    This email is the email received by our team. Salute for the spammer for their effort in making this email seems legit. If you see the email address where the email address sends, you will see that the email from our domain “”. It’s actually not from us, this is part of email spoofing technique.

    Do not reply because it will waste your time and just delete the email.

If there any further issues and security kindly please reach our support team through tickets, emails and WhatsApp.

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