Unable to access your webmail email and website? -WHM & cPanel

Have you encountered this problem where you can’t login to your email or unable to view website. Is your website is down or what happen actually with your account? Here we will list the problems and solutions to solve the issue.

1. Suspended Hosting or Domain Name

This first you need to check is whether your domain name or your Hosting service is suspended. If both or one of this happen you need to check and renew the domain name and the hosting service.

Solution : To check your domain name status you can follow as bellow

Malaysia Domain Name —>Check here
Global Domain Name ——->Check here

To check for your hosting service status, please contact your hosting provider. For an account, that host with us please login to your Yesspage Account

2. IP Blocked by Firewall

Each server applies their own login rules or security rules. For example, some server will block an IP for one day after numeral failed login attempt through SSHD, SMTP, IMAP, FTP and more. If your IP is getting blocked by the Firewall, your IP will unable to send an email or view your website.

Solution for owner: For this issue, you should contact your hosting provider to remove the blacklist from the Firewall to allow you to access the service. If you want to check whether you getting blocked by the Firewall. There is a simple way to check.

You can connect with different internet to your device and try to access your website and email, if you manage to access your site and mail you need to provide the IP address of the previously connected internet to your hosting provider. How to provide the IP is by connecting your device to the previous internet and click this link to check for the IP. Please provide the Public IPv4 to your hosting provider for them to delist your IP from the blacklist.

Solution for administrator: When you get delist request from client immediately connect to your WHM using root login. Follow the steps as below :

Plugins > ConfigServer Security & Firewall >Search IP (To check whether the IP is blocked)
Plugins > Configserver Security & Firewall > Quick Allow (Enter the IP in the first field to delist the IP if blocked, and write the comment why is the IP allow for example your customer name)

A very soft reminder, it’s never hurt to backup first. In case there be any error you can reverse it unless you are really a strong heart person.

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