WordPress As Your Web Builder

The WordPress website builder is one of the Major Website Building Platform that available for use for Free or Paid. Here at Yesspage, we also provide WordPress together with all our hosting plan. We are aware that some of the users are still a beginner. Here we will guide you on how to install WordPress in your hosting from your Client Account to your Cpanel Account.

  1. Login to your Yesspage account (Click here)

After login go to your services page.

Image 1 : Login to your yesspage account

On the services page click on the Active Button on the right side.

Image 2 : Services Page

Next, you need to login to your cPanel account to install your WordPress. Click on the Login to cPanel on the left side.

Image 3: Login to your cPanel account

2. Install your wordpress from cPanel account

Scroll down until you see the Software section. Click on the WordPress Manager by Softaculous.

Image 4 : Access WordPress Manager by Softaculous

Start your very first step to install WordPress by clicking the Install button.

Image 5 : Start to Install your WordPress

3. Fill up your Website Details

As shown in the below image, fill up the details for your site. The default version of WordPress is set to the latest version. On the installation URL, choose the protocol for your domain, HTTP or HTTPS (which one is valid), in the Choose Domain field please input your domain name, and make sure the last field is empty.

They key image beside password field in a Generate Password Key, you can set your own Password or Auto Generate your password by using the key. Please make sure you enter an email that accessible by you in the admin email.

Image 6: Your website info

On the Select Plugins we suggest you to install two Plugin as in image below. The Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer) we help you prevent Brute Login Attack to your WordPress account. The Jet WordPress plugin will help you optimized your site.

Image 7: WordPress Plugins

Your Nearly there, do not give up. On the Themes section, you can pre select the themes that you want to use. Or you can select later. Fear not, that you can always change your theme in your WordPress dashboard.

Image 8: WordPress Themes

If you reach this step, it means that you already succeed in creating your very first WordPress site. To access your WordPress Backend account and start to design your site, click on the Administrative URL.

If you encounter any problems or errors in creating your WordPress site please do not hesitate to open a new ticket and get our help to solve the problem.(Click Here)

Image 9 : WordPress Install Complete

PS: Backup, Backup and Backup….this is really important, please Backup

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