How to set your Google Browser open the same tab every day?

You want to save your time in googling in pages or website you visit everyday?. You want to Google Browser open the same Page or website everyday? Here we will show you step by step on how to make as it.

First thing, you will need to enable internet connection to your device and Google Browser already installed. Now open your Google Browser.

1)Click on the three dots on the upper-right side of your browser. (Refer the image below)

Image 1: Three Dots on Google Browse

2)Click on the Settings menu. (Refer image below)

Image 2 : Choose Setting Menu

3)Scroll down until you reach an “On start-up” section. There will be 3 Radio Button that you can choose and each button will result differently when you open browser.
No 1: Will open an empty tab on Browser.
No 2: Will open the last browser that you open.
No 3: Will open the specific pages or website on start-up.

If you want to open the same page every time you open the browser choose No 3. and Click Add a new page. As you can see in image 3 below, we already set the specific pages and website we want to open on start-up.

Image 3: Start-up Section

4)Add the URL you want to open on start-up and add the URL. Refer image 4.

Image 4: Add the URL

Now you can try to close the browser and open back again. You will see the pages or website that you already set previously will be loading on start up.

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