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You have purchased several Malaysian Domain Name that look promising to be sell in the future. When you find the right buyer or owner for your domain and you wish to transfer the domain to other company but keeping the same Invoicing Party. Here we will guide you how to transfer the domain

Please remember that this Domain Transfer Process can be done by the ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT only. If you are unsure which adinistrative contact you use, feel free to check on MYNIC WHOIS service (Click Here)

  1. First step, please do login to administrative login page of Mynic (Click Here) Enter your Administrative Contact’s username and password. If you forget your username or password, please do check your email or please click the Forget Username/Password.
  2. Click at the Domain Name menu and select ‘Transfer Domain’.
  3. Leave all column empty and click the search button.
  4. All your domain will be appear on the list, and click on the domain name and click “Transfer” button.
  5. Fill-up all the necessary column.
  6. Before submit the Transfer, please do once again recheck all the details.
  7. Once confirm. Submit.

Please note that, process for transfer, must be done before the expiry date of the domain name as the advanced/renewal payment is neither refundable nor transferable.

After the process of deletion has been executed, the new registrant needs to pay new registration fees to the Invoicing Party only.

Must furnish relevant Supporting Documents to MYNIC and payment to the Invoicing Party within 14 days from the date of deleted (transfer). If the new Registrant does not wish to apply for the domain name, or does not complete the registration process in any way, the domain name will be made available to the public.

For your information, transfer domain process will take 14 days.

Information on the transfer domain can be obtained at For more information on domain transfer can be get from Mynic Knowledge Base (Click Here)

If you need further assistance on this, please do contact us Yesspage through our Ticketing System, Whatsapp and Live Chat. Visit us at

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