Enable and Disable Features in CPanel – MX, TXT and etc.

CPanel Provide users with various Features and user can utilise by themselves on their account. This function is controlled by your Hosting Provider if you are using Shared Hosting. Please do contact your Hosting Provider for assistance on this function.

For Hosting Provider you can manage your the Function in your WHM account.

Here we use example where you want to enable TXT record in users’ CPanel account.

1)WHM Manager

First you will need to login to your WHM account.

2)Feature Manager

On the left-side menu panel look for Feature Manager. But in order to save time in the Search Pane, input “Feature Manager” and click the Feature Manage (Refer Image 1).

Image 1: Feature Manager

3) Edit Manage Feature List

Go to “Manage Feature List” and click the Edit button for the “default” (Refer Image 2)

Image 2: Edit Features List

4) Features List & Enable TXT record for user.

In the image 3, you can see various features that already enable for all CPanel users.

This interface allows you to enable and disable features and cPAddons in each user’s cPanel. For more information, read the documentation. Default — The system grants cPanel users access to these features by default. If you disable a feature from this list, the system will disable it in every user’s cPanel that uses that list.

Image 3: Feature List Interface

In the interface, please scroll down below and look for “Zone Editor (AAAA, CAA, DMARC, SRV, TXT)” (Image 4). On the tick-box, tick it to enable the Feature to users or un-tick the box to disable the feature for users. From the list you can disable or enable Features of your choices.

Image 4: Choose your features list

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  1. February 7, 2022

    […] When you successfully choose the record, the display as in image 4 will be appear on the screen. If you can’t find the MX record in the Add Record section, please contact your Hosting Provider, if you have access to your WHM account, refer the step in here to enable the MX record in your cpanel (Click Here) […]

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