Whitelist & Blacklist Email in SpamAssassin Filter in CPanel

Here, I’ll be sharing a few steps on how to whitelist or blacklist the email address and avoid it to be lost in the space.

The first step is you need to login to your CPanel account (yourdomain.com/cpanel).

1) Go to email Section in your cpanel and click on the Spam Filters (Image 1)

Image 1: Spam Filters in Cpanel

2) In the Spam Filters board, look for Additional Configuration (For Advanced Users) and click on Show Additional Configurations (Image 2). A choice of Whitelist, Blacklist and Spam Score will be there (Image 3).

Image 2: Additional Configurations
Image 3: Show Additional Configurations

3) If you want to Whitelist an email click on the Edit Spam Whitelist Settings or if you want to Blacklist email click on Edit Spam Blacklist Settings.(Image 4)

Image 4: Whitelist or Blacklist Email

4) In the Setting look for Add A New “whitelist_from” Item and click on it (Image 5).

Image 5: Add Email in Whitelist

5) In the “whitelist_from” field add the email you want to whitelist (Image 6). If you want to add only certain email , you can input the full email, for example you want to whitelist email from bluesky@email.com.my you can add full email of it. If you want to white list all email from the domain add ‘*’ infront for the mail, for example *@email.com.my. This will whitelist all email from the domain.

Image 6: Adding email in Whitelist field

6) Click on the Update Whitelist (whitelist_from) button after adding all the email you want to Whitelist (Image 7).

Image 7: Update Whitelist

This is the final step on whitelist the email address. To blacklist the email address, refer to step 3 and click on Edit Spam Blacklist and follow the rest of the step. If you need further help don’t hesitate to contact your hosting provider.

After whitelist your email address you might want to consider on Greylisting (Click Here) which we’ll explain in the next post.

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