Delays in receiving emails? Enable and disable Greylisting!!

Greylisting is a method of defending email users against spam. Greylisting will “temporarily rejected” any email from a sender it does not recognize. If the mail is legitimate, the originating server will try again after a delay, and if sufficient time has elapsed, the email will be accepted. Mail from unrecognized servers is typically delayed by about 15 minutes, and could be delayed up to a few hours or few days for poorly configured sending systems.

Greylisting identifies incoming email by triplets. A triplet is a collection of three pieces of data: the IP address, the sender’s address, and the recipient’s address. By deferring unknown triplets, Greylisting filters spam and allows legitimate email a second chance to pass through

Here we want to show you how to enable and disable the Greylisting in your CPANEL. Here we are not suggesting you to disable the greylisting for a long time because it’ll affect the amount of SPAM entering your mailbox. We suggest that you disable the greylisting once you know that you’ll receive an important email like a Security Code to register on some App for there is an important email that you need to review immediately. Or you can disable the greylisting during working hours and enable it back after clock out time.

Below is the simple steps to follow in order to disable or enable the greylisting:

1) Login to your cpanel account
First step is to login to your cpanel account. For Yesspage customers please refer to this article on to login to your cpanel account – Refer step 1 only (Click Here)

2) Configure Greylisting
After login to your CPanel account, go to the Email Section and look for “Configure Greylisting” and click on it. (Refer Image 1)

Image 1: Configure Greylisting

3) Off Greylisting
In the Configure Greylisting pane, look for the email domain that you want to disable or enable the Greylisting. Once you confirm on the domain, click the toggle button on the right side ON or OFF. ON to enable the Greylisting, while OFF to disable the Greylisting. Refer image 2 and Image 3for more information.

Image 2: Click Here to Enable or Disable
Image 3: The Greylisting is disable

When a mail server is greylisted, the duration of time between the initial delay and the retransmission is variable; the greylisting server has no control or visibility of the delay. SMTP says the retry interval should be at least 30 minutes, while the give-up time needs to be at least 4–5 days, but actual values vary widely between different mail server software.. If you need further help don’t hesitate to contact your hosting provider.

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